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Chocolate’s Dark Secret

If you think Fake Designer Bags chocolate is heavenly, you’re not alone. Chocolate literally is the “food of the gods” that’s what its botanical name, Theobroma cacao, means. But you needn’t be divine to indulge. Mere mortals adore chocolate in all its forms, from the humble chocolate chip cookie to gourmet goodies, wintry hot chocolate, and decadent desserts. And to make chocolate even more drool worthy, purse replica handbags researchers are discovering this ancient treat may have some modern health benefits.

Q: When was chocolate first discovered?

A: Chocolate dates back centuries. The Mayans traded valuable cacao beans, from which chocolate is made, as a commodity. In Handbags Replica 1519, the Aztecs discovered that they could make a delicious drink by adding water and sweeteners to roasted, ground up cacao beans. The chocolate bar came along later in the 18th century, by mixing Replica Bags chocolate with milk.

good quality replica bags Q: Are replica Purse all chocolates good for you? good quality replica bags

replica bags online A: Chocolate lovers, rejoice but be savvy about chocolate’s health perks. Chocolate really can aaa replica designer handbags be good for you, but not all chocolate is created equally. If you’re after health benefits, KnockOff Handbags forget the chewy, caramel, marshmallow or cream covered chocolates and look for solid dark chocolate. replica bags online

high replica bags Q: Why is dark chocolate a better choice than replica handbags china white or milk chocolate? high replica bags

A: The health benefits of chocolate come from flavonoids, a Designer Replica Bags type of phytochemical found in the cacao bean. Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa than white or milk chocolate. And the more cocoa a chocolate product contains, the richer its health promoting content.

cheap designer bags replica Q: What are the Designer Fake Bags health benefits of dark chocolate? cheap designer bags replica

A: Research has shown Replica Bags Wholesale that when dark chocolate is part of a healthy lifestyle, it can improve heart health, blood pressure, reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol, and increase blood flow to the brain. It may also improve blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, reducing diabetes risk.

Q: How much chocolate should I eat to get the health benefits?

A: Limit the portion size because even though dark chocolate contains good Wholesale Replica Bags for you flavonoids, it also has not so good for you fat, sugar, and calories. Overindulging in chocolate can Replica Designer Handbags undo any health benefits and lead to weight gain and related health problems.

replica bags buy online A small portion of about an ounce should satisfy your taste buds especially if you eat it slowly and provide chocolate’s health benefits without widening your waistline. replica bags buy online

luxury replica bags Here’s an example. A standard sized bar of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate has 531 calories, compared with 150 calories from an ounce of dark cheap replica handbags chocolate or about six Hershey’s Kisses. luxury replica bags

best replica designer Q: Why do some chocolates tout the percent high quality replica handbags of cocoa on the label? best replica designer

A: The greater the percentage of cocoa, the higher the concentration of flavonoids. Most milk chocolate contains up to 50% cocoa, while some inexpensive chocolates contain Replica Handbags as little as 7% cocoa. Look for dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa for the finest dark chocolate rich wholesale replica designer handbags in healthy flavonoids.

aaa replica bags Q:What is the difference in the calories in cocoa, baking chocolate, and chocolate candy? aaa replica bags

A: Most replica handbags online chocolate we eat today is a combination of cocoa solids, fats, sugar, and, in the case of milk chocolate, milk. Here’s the scoop on fat and calories:

bag replica high quality Pure cocoa powder: (2 tablespoons): 40 calories, 1 gram of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat bag replica high quality

Unsweetened baking chocolate (1 ounce):140 calories, 14 grams replica bags of fat, 9 grams of saturated fat.

Semisweet Fake Handbags or milk chocolate (1 ounce): 135 calories, 8.5 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat.

Dark chocolate (1 ounce): 142 calories, 10 grams of fat, and 6 grams of saturated fat.

Q: What is the difference between cocoa powder, baking chocolate, dark, milk, and white chocolate?

high end replica bags A: It all boils down to how chocolate is made. Cocoa beans are roasted, graded, and ground to make a chocolate liquor, which also contains cocoa butter high end replica bags.

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