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When I counsel people with depression and anxiety, they often say that they don’t understand why they feel depressed or anxious. People who have a good job, a good loving family, and enough money get confused over their feelings. Consequentially they don’t get any sympathy from their friends or family because they don’t understand it either.

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“Civilization can die, because it has already died once.” Ulrich von Wilamowitz MoellendorffDiscussion regarding the potential collapse of global civilization: a social and technological upheaval that results in a far more simplified society in terms of social order, technology, economy, and interdependencies, with an inability to rebuild within centuries or millennia.This community exists to seek understanding of the collapse and provide mutual support, not to document every detail of our demise.There no tomorrow (Animation, 35min)1177BC: The year civilization collapsed (1h 10min)The Earth Space Battery [PDF]”Overshoot” by William CattonCollapse 101The /r/collapse Wiki (incomplete)Posts must be about civilization collapse, not the resulting damage.If your post has an unclear or indirect connection to collapse Cheap Jerseys free shipping, you should include a submission statement providing the necessary context.No provably false material (climate science denial, chemtrails, cloud/lizard/snake people, etc).No duplicate posts.Audio/Video content must be accompanied by a synopsis.No low effort content (memes etc) except on Shitpost Fridays.In addition to enforcing reddit content policy, we will also remove comments and content that is abusive in nature. You may attack eachother ideas, not eachother. The long version.

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