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There are dozens of property owners, few of whom seem cut from the Goldman mold; many apparently aren’t invested in the vitality of the neighborhood. “Once you lose the local control, which is sort of inevitable when a market picks up, do you get responsible landlords who are thinking about coordination between all their various tenants?” Paul Levy asks. “I don’t think that thinking was at work on South Street in the ’80s and ’90s.”One such New York developer, Michael Axelrod, has owned more than 40 buildings on South Street; he started amassing them in the ’80s.

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Her late husband was big into collecting sports memorabilia. He had filled 4 rooms of her house (and I mean filled). It was a 3 bedroom house and she asked me to move in with her, which meant that one of the bedrooms was going to have to be emptied before I could move in because I was going to need a bedroom for when it was my turn to get the kids for visitation.

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