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They come down here and see all of the green grass with the 18 little round holes in it and they throw away their fishing rods and buy themselves a set of golf clubs. Am happy to say that the current crop of world champion Chicago Blackhawks has quite a few serious fishermen on their roster. This fact was made quite evident Friday at the Bryan Bickell Celebrity Bass Tournament held on Bangs Lake in Wauconda.In addition to Bickell, the Blackhawks were represented by goalies Corey Crawford and Scott Darling, wingers Andrew Shaw and Daniel Carcillo and defensemen Trevor van Riemsdyk and David Rundblad.These guys may not have been as proficient holding fishing rods as they are in handling hockey sticks, but they took their angling very seriously.

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cheap nfl jerseys WEBVTT NEW TONIGHT A COMMUNITY IN MOURNING. MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE GATHERED IN MEADOW VISTA TODAY TO REMEMBER A CYCLIST KILLED BY A SUSPECTED DRUNK DRIVER. KCRA 3’S CLAIRE DOAN TELLS US THE IMPACT BARBARA CROWELL HAD ON THE CYCLING COMMUNITY. The commentary presents a rare inside view of a two day discussion at the Lima Conference of the Parties (COP) on the likely consequences of accepting an average global warming target of 2 versus 1.5 (measured from pre industrial times until 2100).The discussions were part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ‘structured expert dialogue’ in December 2014. They reveal unevenly distributed risks and political power differentials between high income countries insisting on a 2 target and low and many middle income countries pushing for 1.5 or lower.The 2 target has been said to carry an increased risk of sea level rise, shifting rainfall patters and extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, and heat waves, particularly targeting the Polar Regions, high mountain areas, and the Tropics.”A low temperature target is the best bet to prevent severe, pervasive, and potentially irreversible impacts while allowing ecosystems to adapt naturally, ensuring food production and security, and enabling economic development to proceed in a sustainable manner.”In her commentary, Tschakert explains that the target of keeping the global average temperature rise to below 2 originates from early studies in the 1970s. This target became anchored in policy debates over the decades, and was officially sanctioned as the long term global goal for greenhouse gas emission reductions at the COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009.Despite support from high and upper middle income countries with high emissions, the 2 target has been subject to repeated criticism from climate scientists, economists, and political and social scientists.Alliances representing over 70% of the parties around the table, including over 100 low and middle income countries and small island states, have repeatedly said that a 2 rise is unsafe for their communities, and insist on a long term goal to keep global average temperatures below 1.5 These states include the Pacific nation of Tuvalu that was recently hit by Cyclone Pam.While the 2 target is now being re evaluated, no reference to an explicit 1.5 target is included in the 2014 Lima Call for Climate Action, despite specific remarks on the lower temperature limit being made throughout the negotiations.A representative of the World Health Organization at the session stressed that there was no ‘safe limit’ for health, as current impacts and risks from climate change were already unacceptable, impacting people’s health significantly and inequitably cheap nfl jerseys.

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