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Not sure about the Falcons and Seahawks records without Ryan and Wilson, but I am sure that Seattle doesn have the same recent history without that defense they had. To me Stafford is in the same QB class as Ryan, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Luck, etc. (I didn say Cam because he a completely different style of QB that requires a certain style offense.

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Typical reddit garbage. Just leave the guy alone, it a unfortunate situation but the amount of people that get vested interest in this situation for something that doesn affect them its mind boggling. Obviously he has some issues, but who are we kidding we all do.

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Anytime an immigration issue comes up, it always an appeal to emotion, without a shred of concrete facts. Take the current caravan. All I hearing is stuff like, “We should let them in, we a nation of immigrants”.. In fact, Battoo had borrowed money to amplify the size of his Madoff investments. Battoo similarly concealed from investors the losses stemming from the fund linked certificates. Without knowledge of these substantial losses, investors have collectively invested tens of millions of dollars with Battoo since 2009.

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