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The Finnish Hospital Discharge Register gave information on all miscarriages (International Classification of Diseases, ninth revision, codes 630 632, 634, and 637) and extrauterine pregnancies (code 633) treated in hospitals.15 In 1986, data on 5% of all admissions to hospital were missing, but 99% of admissions for mental disorders and all admissions related to pregnancy, childbirth, or puerperium were reported correctly.15 Information on hospital admissions and diagnoses was collected from this register. Because the number of extrauterine pregnancies was low they were combined with miscarriages. If a woman had been pregnant when she committed suicide the case could have been found in our data only if she was admitted to hospital at some time during pregnancy or if the pregnancy was mentioned in the death certificate.

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pandora rings So there’s the base menu stuff, and there is stuff in the middle that I’m working on too where I’m bringing in more seasonal products and just having more dishes on the menu that are more composed as opposed to those that have more of that insert starch, insert vege here type dishes. It’s the beginning of the second week here, we’re going to try to rotate two or three fish [dishes] and a couple of sides. I call my seafood purveyor and just see what’s reasonably priced pandora rings.

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