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Safer intercourse directions are how to decrease the threat of distributing HIV during sexual intercourse.

HOW EXACTLY DOES HIV SPREAD WHILE HAVING SEX? To distribute HIV while having sex, HIV disease in bloodstream or fluids that are sexual be sent to somebody. Sexual fluids originate from a man’s penis or from a woman’s vagina, prior to, during, or after orgasm. HIV could be sent whenever contaminated fluid gets into someone’s human anatomy.

You can’t distribute HIV when there is no HIV infection. In the event that you as well as your lovers aren’t infected with HIV, there’s absolutely no danger. a “undetectable viral load” (see Fact Sheet 125) does NOT suggest “no HIV infection.” If you have no connection with bloodstream or fluids that are sexual there’s no danger. HIV has to go into the physical human body for disease that occurs.

UNSAFE STRATEGIES unsafe sex includes a high threat of distributing HIV. The best risk is whenever bloodstream or sexual fluid touches the soft, moist areas (mucous membrane layer) within the anus, vagina, mouth, or during the tip regarding the penis. These can be damaged effortlessly, which provides HIV a real method to get involved with your body.

Genital or intercourse that is rectal protection is unsafe. Intimate liquids go into the human body, and wherever a penis that is man’s placed, it may cause little rips that produce HIV illness much more likely. The receptive partner is much more probably be infected, although HIV could probably enter the penis, particularly if it’s contact with HIV-infected blood or genital liquids for quite some time or if it offers any available sores.

Some males think if they pull their penis out before they reach orgasm that they can’t transmit HIV. That isn’t true, because HIV may be when you look at the fluid which comes from the penis before orgasm.

SAFER STRATEGIES most activity that is sexual some chance of spreading HIV. To lessen the danger, ensure it is more challenging for bloodstream or fluid that is sexual go into the human body. (mais…)

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