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Do you know the demands for my wife that is foreign to the usa beside me?

I am A united states citizen with Mexican residency, planning to marry a twin guatemalan/spanish resident. Our company is maybe not searching for US residency on her, and likely won’t for a number of years, when. But I would like to be sure there defintely won’t be any problem visiting my loved ones (within the US) along with her in the foreseeable future.

If we are hitched, maybe there is any trouble going into the US together, her on a VWP ( together with her Spanish passport), me personally being a citizen? Or must she have a visa being a grouped household person in A us resident?

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Yes, there may be more trouble on her going into the U.S. later on. Once the spouse of a resident, she will whenever you want after entering just change her brain and you also dudes can apply for Adjustment of Status to obtain a card that is green any time. It is really easy to abuse. Consequently, the duty of her showing that she will not plan to remain is greater.

Some partners of U.S. residents are over over and over repeatedly denied U.S. tourist visas and/or entry. Some get tourist visas and/or enter on VWP without any trouble. (mais…)

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