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(When asked later what the discussion was about, Lim deadpanned that it was top secret.)Behind the seven cyclists and Lim’s scooter, Meaghan Holowesko drove a truck with dozens of water bottles in coolers, plus plastic bins full of Lim’s famous (in the cycling world) rice cakes, made by Dish Gourmet, which also makes lunch every day for the riders. The truck’s bed was full of spare wheels and tools.Holowesko had only been driving the truck behind the cyclists for a matter of days, but when the rider closest to the truck shifted on his bike and then started urinating into a ditch on the side of the road while still riding she commented: “You get very unfazed. The guys are like, ‘Meg, you’re part of the gang now.'”On the faux time trial course, northeast of Erie on County Road 7 and Interstate 25’s Frontage Road, everyone pulled over for a quick reminder from Lim:”The first minute, you’ll be feeling pretty good.

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cheap nfl jerseys See Also: 30 Things to be Thankful For About Seattle Before the Mayan Doomsday Kills Us AllOn top of the fanfare and football that occurs with each bowl game, one thing that sometimes goes unnoticed is the mascots. While in the past few years the Capital One Mascot Challenge has shed light on each college’s true ‘spirit animal’ by having fans vote on their favorite mascot in the nation, no one has really looked at how each college’s mascot stacks up against one another. Therefore, to truly begin ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ for college football fans, we thought we would give you a review of some of the top bowl games this winter from the perspective of the mascot matchup cheap nfl jerseys.

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