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cheap canada goose uk Explosions kill 28 in BrusselsIt possible that I willdie in Bangalore from overeating. Though most of the food we served at Mr. Das house is canada goose outlet jackets vegetarian, guests canada goose outlet website legit arealso offeredmeat and fish dishes, and at least four different desserts, which are my weakness. Here last night (Monday dinner, served after we arrived. This is a meal, as the largest meal is served at midday. Starting at 12 o and going clockwise, the vegetable (aloo dattacurry:Moringa oleifera), rice, ghee (clarified butter to be put on the rice), aloo dum (potatoes and other vegetables), daal(lentils) canada goose outlet phone number and (middle) chicken stew. This was accompanied by mango chutney. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose outlet canada goose factory sale As an appetizer, we had puffed bread (lucchi) and fried eggplant, which when plated looked like a smiley face. canada goose factory sale

canada goose clearance Each dish is served to you by cooks, who repeatedly press you to take refills. Can you imagine? canada goose clearance canada goose coats The selection of desserts (I had at least a bit of each). From top: rosagoola (invented by Mr. Das great grandfather and now a pan Indian sweet), gulab canada goose outlet toronto jamun, prabhu bhog(a cottage cheese sweet),and rasmalai (sweetened cheese balls sunk in a rich, cardamon flavored milk sauce). Go here to see the full selection of sweets. As Mr. Das assures me, day something new will appear. can assure you that these are the highest quality Indian sweets I ever canada goose outlet 2015 had. You may think you canada goose outlet winnipeg address had a canada goose outlet real gulab jamun, but unless you had the one made by K. C. Das, you had an inferior version. canada goose coats

uk canada goose outlet Labangalatika (sweet flour coating around a condensed milk filling, held together with cloves): uk canada goose outlet

cheap Canada Goose A close up of K. canada goose outlet location C. Das famous rossogolla: cheap Canada Goose

uk canada goose Lunch today was a copious affair. Top row left to right: daal, unidentified vegetable, fish stew, shrimp, unidentified vegetable, spiced paneer (Indian cheese made from yogurt). Bottom row, right to left: canada goose outlet uk fried onions with poppy seeds, unidentified vegetable, chicken, and rice. There were also chappatis (flattened circular bread), as I am north Indian in my choice of starch. uk canada goose

canada goose store My post canada goose outlet germany dinner, pre dessert sweet, a container of K. C. Das famous sweetened yogurt, with a thick creamy crust on top. canada goose store

Canada Goose Coats On Sale A plate of assorted sweets from the Das shop, with a rossogolla at top left. It said that what doesn kill you makes you canada goose outlet montreal stronger, canada goose outlet reviews but in this case what doesn kill me will make me fatter! Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canadian goose jacket The cats are fed equally well. Here Mr. Das cooking the fish (tilapia) in the morning: canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets The housecat Goonda ( who has but one functioning eye, awaits his breakfast: Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose The fish, chicken, and rice are distributed among plates. Each cat gets a separate plate to prevent intercat warfare: canada goose

buy canada goose jacket One of the several feeding stations on the roof. Note that there are litterboxes as well; all the cats appear to be box trained. Many more cats appeared in the afternoon feeding. buy canada goose jacket

There are about 30 cats here, both feral and residential, but most live on the roofs or outside. (At one time there were 85 cats!) About a third of the present cats havenames. I persuaded canada goose outlet in canada Mr. Das to callone of the unnamed ones He objected that that cat, a lovelyblack onewith whitepaws, was a female, but I told him that could be a woman name, and showed him a photo of Jerry Hall. That did the canada goose outlet london trick.

canada goose black friday sale The cats dinner plates remind me of the brief time I spent slaving at one of the weirdest places on earth, especially for an atheist a place called Isis Oasis, a run by a group of modern day Isis worshipers, canada goose jacket outlet uk where the people who ran the place dressed most of the time as if they been in the film Cleopatra and never took off their costumes. I hired on to feed and tend their menagerie of ocelots, servals, several other kinds of medium sized wild cats, emus, a large aviary of exotic birds, and a canada goose outlet nyc couple of goats and a llama; but rather quickly I became more of canada goose outlet ottawa a temple slave because they had me slaving from sun up to sundown doing all kinds canada goose outlet in toronto of labor not in my job description. The grand dame of the place insisted that the meals for her wild canada goose stockists uk cats arrive at their cages plated as if they were being featured in Gourmet, so we prepared these large pans filled with hunks of raw and bloody goose outlet canada meat, arranged just so, which were then artfully garnished with parsley sprigs or other herbs. Of course, once we brought the plates to the animals and we had to directly enter most of the cages to canada goose outlet los angeles put the food down we be nearly mauled by the hungry felids who were just as likely to take a bite out of our hands or arms or legs before the pans hit the floor and we could escape. Some other workers did suffer injuries; luckily, I canada goose outlet belgium didn The absurdity of her pretension was infuriating at the time; looking back, I find much humor in it. But the whole place was absolutely nuts. canada goose outlet us Wacky New Age groups would have retreats, each one nuttier than the next; then a convocation of Isis worshipers from near and far, including a completely dotty English Lady Something or Other, who was the international leader of the group and who, during one session, threw a large canada goose outlet new york city scarf over her head, went into a trance and became oracle, some collective delusory bullshit, though it definitely has time honored roots. During this convocation, they also paid homage to Selket, the ancient Egyptian Scorpion goddess, and for the occasion, they obtained an absolutely magnificent, large, black, live African scorpion(which I could not identify). I decided to attend the ceremony because I was insatiably curious to see what was going down, so I ate some hashish the only way I could endure this without bursting out laughing and canada goose outlet washington dc went, yet the hash only made it that much more difficult to suppress laughter and certainly did nothing to induce a situational suspension of disbelief. For the ceremony they put a glass pyramid (of course! Pyramid Magic) over the scorpion, placed it on the altar flanked with flowers and images of Egyptian deities, and most everyone in attendance strode up to the pyramid enclosed scorpion and paid homage to the goddess. Working at this place and especially the Scorpion Ceremony constitute one of the craziest and most memorable experiences I had, and I had many. canada goose black friday sale

rosagoola (invented by Mr. Das’s great grandfather and now a pan Indian sweet),rosagoola (invented by Mr. Das’s great grandfather and now a pan Indian sweet),

Canada Goose Parka Here Mr Das and his company are wading into very troubled. We Indians take our food seriously, but we take the sweets even more seriously. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online Also, K. C. Das is hardly the last word on the gulab jamun. Granted, their version is better than the fare one can expect in the USA, but it can hardly compete with what local confectioners in the northern states (UP, Bihar, Delhi, etc.) produce. Which is understandable: Bengal may have some claim to having invented the but it has none on the gulab jamun Canada Goose online.

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