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Then in 2000 researchers found another gene that contributes to the development of this cancer. It called HMG I/Y and what appears to happen is that the C myc oncogene stimulates HMG I/Y which triggers the changes in B cells that cause them to multiply rapidly and form a tumour.In 2006 scientists from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and other institutions identified the correct gene expression for Burkitt lymphoma. This was important research as it then made it possible for researchers to make a distinction between Burkitt and another very similar type of cancer called diffuse large B cell lymphoma.

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I was a skeptic of the art initially. Having now played Civ 6, it really bothers me way less than I would have thought. My main issue with the graphics is that international borders are snapped to the hex grid, unlike 5, where they weren I still prefer Civ 5 over 6, but not really due to graphics, more due to gameplay/balancing.

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