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But the US is by no means the only nation that is suffering with its collective waistline.One of the principal reasons why it is such a prominent health concern is that some people do everything they can but blame themselves for their large proportions. Such misguided thinking blinds them to the many ways they can help themselves.To be fair, over eating and poor self control are not the only causes of obesity. For example a thyroid disorder can lead to weight gain as can some other medical conditions including genetic disorders.

Another is idealism. That the physical attributes are actually mental attributes. This is well argued for by Berekely and others, but it has a lot of conclusions a lot of people would be very uncomfortable for and for very good reasons. Heating or cooling vents are kept free of clutter for optimal air circulation. Energy Star equipment selections include not only monitors and copiers or printers but even cell phone chargers. Those chargers use 30 percent less energy, and workers unplug them when not in use..

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