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Your uterus reaches above the level of your navel this month, and the bulge extrudes in all its glory. (Anyone still wondering she, or isn she? now knows for sure.) As you gaze at your new profile in a mirror, you be amazed at how much you expanded in a month. You feel stronger and your baby will alert you with more frequent kicks; your mate and other children will be able to feel them now, too.Sixth Month ArticlesCauses of Leg Cramps at Night During PregnancyEasy Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids During PregnancyEmotions During PregnancyPhysical Side Effects of PregnancyRelieving Leg Cramps During PregnancyTips to Ease Carpal Tunnel During PregnancyWays to Reduce Varicose VeinsYour Changing Body in the Sixth Month of PregnancyAbout Ask Dr.

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