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He goneIce was only likeable because of his depression that made him sad but also humble and relateable. Paul today has changed 100 % into typical lying and immoral hollywood brat. Rare glimses of classic autism are all fake and forced. My go to example of expansions done right was Alpha Centauri expansion: Alien Crossfire. The regular game was $50 at launch, and the expansion was $30, and it added $30 worth of content. Now, thanks to DLC, we get weapon/character skin packs for $5, and in some of the most egregious cases, we get shit like The Sims, where the base price of the game is $60, and all the DLC costs what, $400? Or in one of the worst cases, what was it? Dead Space? That ended the story on a cliffhanger, and left the ending for a DLC pack? Those are just shameless money grabs, and they shouldn be rewarded.

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