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Mother says troubled son did not get the help he needed

Meanwhile, Child, Youth and Family Services Minister Sandy Collins said changes in child protective measures in this province in recent years, including the establishment of CYFS in 2009, have better prepared Canada Goose sale the system to deal with such cases.

“A child going through a similar situation, I’m thinking we’re in a better place to deal with it today than we were 10 years ago,” said Collins.

Problems began early From an early age, the son was aggressive, impulsive and had poor social skills, the mother explained.

In canada goose Grade 2, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity canada goose clearance disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).

He was given medication, but it gave him insomnia. In uk canada goose outlet school he got into fights, was ostracized by Canada Goose online other students and referred as “the bad kid.”

The mother said she had repeated meetings with school officials, but the situation did not improve. Other family canadian goose jacket members turned away because of the boy’s behaviour, and attempts to enrol him in hockey also failed.

Eventually, officials with child protective services got involved.

As a teenager, the boy’s behaviour worsened again. He started damaging walls with a Canada Goose Jackets knife, and on one occasion nearly started a fire in the house. canada goose factory sale He became withdrawn, and his mother suspected he may have become depressed.

He started running away from canada goose coats on sale home, and wouldn’t go to school.

Then buy canada goose jacket he turned to illegal drugs.

“I can’t tell you how many Canada Goose Coats On Sale times I went to the school. I can’t tell buy canada goose jacket cheap you how many Canada Goose Outlet phone calls there were. How many people I’m after canada goose uk outlet meeting with. I’ve spent my whole life goose outlet taking care of my child, keeping him alive, hoping that things are going to change around for him,” she said.

Giving up child Canada Goose Online was the hardest decision The interventions did not make a difference, the mother canada goose uk shop said, and she once had to call the police on her son.

She began to fear he might harm himself or someone else.

‘I made the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life. I had to leave him there. in order for him to get help’ Mother of 17 year old boy After one especially harrowing incident, she decided to leave her son at the hospital.

“I made the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life. I had to leave him there. in order for him to get help,” she said.

The boy began living in a group home, but repeatedly ran away.

He would skip school and do cheap Canada Goose drugs, and often went canada goose coats the whole day without eating.

“There were many cheap canada goose uk times I would come home in the evening and he would be waiting on my doorstep, canada goose store ‘Mom, I’m hungry. I needs something to eat. I’m cold.’ It was in the middle of the winter.”

Child accused mother of abandoning him The mother said it was eventually decided the best option was to send her son out of the province.

She said he left the day before his 14th birthday, but once again, this failed to curtail his behaviour.

He became involved in gangs, she said, and returned to this province a year and canada goose clearance sale a half later feeling canada goose black friday sale angrier than ever.

He was cutting himself, and blamed his mother for their circumstances, suggesting Canada Goose Parka she had abandoned him.

“He tried living with his canada goose uk black friday father, but that didn’t work,” she said.

When the uk canada goose boy turned 16, the mother said CYFS no longer considered him a child, and said he was responsible for arranging his own living quarters.

The mother said this was a mistake, and her son began living in a poor area of the community that was rife with drug problems.

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