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EastEnders spoilers

Sometimes, you just don’t know who you can trust and that is always the case in EastEnders particularly where Rainie Cross is concerned. Max Branning knew he was taking a risk by involving her in his bid to get back Abi and when she is tempted by moncler outlet uk an offer from Cora, it seems that his plot is about to backfire.

buy moncler jackets Elsewhere, the true nature of Mick Carter’s best mate Stuart Highway remains a mystery but his darker side comes to the fore when he intimidates Linda in the pub cellar and then a night out he has with Tina then comes to cheap moncler an unsettling close. Just how dangerous is he? buy moncler jackets

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Rainie is tempted to buy drugs but Phil intervenes.

moncler outlet Stuart apologises to the Carters and gives up the predator hunting. moncler outlet

cheap moncler coats Ian and Masood bicker over the state of the food check that van. cheap moncler coats

Martin tells Stacey that everyone else is going to have to move out.

cheap moncler Linda is shaken when Stuart turns nasty with her in the pub cellar. cheap moncler

Cora returns with baby Abi and makes a proposition to Rainie,

moncler outlet online Kat guesses the outcome when Stacey and Martin host a family meal with an announcement. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet store Tina’s night out with Stuart takes an unpleasant turn. moncler outlet store

monlcer down jackets Ian suggests to Mel that they go to dinner to discuss a business idea but she turns it to her advantage. monlcer down jackets

cheap moncler jackets Max and Rainie have another blazing row as their trust issues explode. cheap moncler jackets

(Picture: BBC)Rainie tries to get Max’s attention but he is having none of it and, despondent, she heads off to buy drugs from a dealer. Phil intervenes and they have a heart to heart after which she makes things up with Max. But then Cora turns up with baby Abi.

Halfway turns up at the Vic with a video message from Stuart who apologises for his lack of judgement and he reveals he has given up the predator hunting. Later, Mick and Stuart get drunk but in the cellar, Linda is shocked by Stuart’s dark reaction when she implies that it’s time that he left.

moncler mens jackets Ian grows annoyed cheap moncler outlet with the state of Masood’s food van and the pair bicker while Martin is exasperated at the lack of privacy at home. moncler mens jackets

Tuesday 10th July

(Picture: BBC)Mick is furious to hear about moncler jackets outlet Stuart’s threatening behaviour towards Linda and confronts him. Stuart insists that he was joking and apologises before then making a gesture. Meanwhile, Tina arrives back home and is surprised to see Stuart.

cheap moncler sale Cora leaves Abi in Max and Rainie’s care and opens up to Patrick, who insists that she lets the past go. Later, Cora’s motives are clear moncler outlet jackets when she meets up with Rainie to make an offer and Max spots them talking together. cheap moncler sale

After an moncler outlet incident with Tiffany and Lily, Martin tells Stacey everyone needs to move out. Mel uses her charm on Ian to get moncler factory outlet him to move the van but Masood plays them at their own game. Ian tells Masood he has decided on their business name.

cheap moncler outlet Thursday 12th July cheap moncler outlet

(Picture: BBC)Stacey cooks a family meal for everyone as she and Martin prepare to make the announcement that they want the house back to themselves. As Martin puts pressure on Stacey to get to it, Kat realises what is going on and beats them to the punch.

Max upsets Rainie again and he asks Cora for cheap moncler coats more information about the offer. moncler outlet store Cora’s implication that Rainie only cares about money leaves Rainie offended but she then asks her to write a cheque. Tina heads out on moncler sale outlet a night out with Stuart which ends badly.

Masood has an idea after he realises how besotted Ian is with Mel.

Friday 13th July

moncler sale (Picture: BBC)Ian suggests to Mel that they go to dinner together but Mel simply engineers it so that Ian ends up babysitting for her and Jack while they go out. Masood then confronts Ian for leaving him alone to sort their business. moncler sale

Tina is not herself after events from the night out with Stuart and Kathy is frustrated with her for not having her mind on the job. However, Sonia soon realises that something is going on and reaches out to her.

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