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Back At The Ranch

cheap jordans 4 u The last hour of FNL today (10/23) was anchored by Bill Hemmer in Naples, FL was overwhelmingly Wilma, even though the hurricane had already passed by that time. There were reports from various Fox staff scattered across the state, replays of cheap yeezys a couple cheap adidas of clips from earlier this morning, when the storm was pounding across Florida. Towards the end of the hour, there were two short reports of other news. Never losing sight of the real priority, FNC chose to end this program early (12:58pm ET) begin a “special edition” with Shephard Smith Jane cheap nike shoes Skinner to make sure they didn’t miss a second of Bush’s planned announcement about a successor to cheap jordan sneakers Alan cheap jordans china Greenspan. cheap jordans 4 u

cheap jordans mens shoes Other than Wilma coverage, here’s the last hour of cheap jordans in china the program: cheap jordans mens shoes

jordan retro 1 cheap At 12:47pm Hemmer cheap jordans free shipping said there was cheap jordans for sale a “MAJOR announcement from the White House” to intro a report by Molly Henneberg who said that cheap jordans shoes Bush will announce a successor to Cheap jordans Alan Greenspan as chair of the Federal Reserve later today that Bush “received three briefings” on Wilma signed off on a state of emergency for FL jordan retro 1 cheap

cheap jordans 4 sale At 12:52pm there was an ALERT for “new videotape” of a truck driven into the area of the Palestine Hotel in Bahdad; Hemmer called cheap Air max shoes it “absolutely priceless” in figuring out who’s responsible cheap jordans 4 sale

cheap real jordans Comment: So much for cable news being nimble quick to respond to developing events. The producers made a choice to send Hemmer a small horde of Fox reporters to Florida, were then stuck with covering a storm that cheap air force moved much cheap air jordan more quickly than they did. The replaying of clips from earlier in the day, when Wilma was hitting Florida in full force, were a clever re use of eye candy particularly cheap jordans from china useful to any viewer who had never seen hurricane footage before (sarcasm intended). cheap real jordans

cheap jordans size 15 Meanwhile, back cheap jordans online at the ranch, there wasn’t a peep on FNL about these stories (among others): cheap jordans size 15

cheap kicks the State Department’s “charm offensive” (Karen Hughes) is being viewed around the world as offensive rather than charming cheap kicks

cheap jordans usa a new report shows Iraq is cheap jordans for sale the most corrupt cheap jordans sale country in the Middle East. cheap jordans usa

cheap jordans basketball shoes Islamists Mujahedeen won the recent cheap jordans basketball shoes

cheap jordans made in china NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL’s focus on one story today it was Wilma to exclude other news such as the other stories I mentioned above). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks cheap jordans made in china.

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