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If done badly, this trope represents the ultimate example of the Deus ex Machina. If played well, it can be an immensely satisfying climax to the plot and a nice reminder that the heroes aren’t in this alone. In some cases the entire reason for the heroes’ heroic stand may be that they know the cavalry is coming, if they can just hold on long enough.. Oskar’s father left him at the school a year after his mother’s death. His biological father is the Headmaster, who slept with Oskar’s mother at her request because she could not conceive with her husband. Oscar knows the truth, and secretly hopes for the Headmaster to adopt him). Most notable of all, in Resident Evil 4, Verdugo, Salazar’s right hand, is re imagined as Leon’s monster half brother Todd, who convinced Leon to try auditioning for the main character role in the next Resident Evil game. Leon froze him and threw him off the Golden Gate bridge after walking in on him making out with Claire Redfield, who dated Leon for a while. And Chief Bitores Mendez is a fan of the Green Bay Packers and even wears a Packers cheese hat (thanks to Luis calling him the “big cheese.”) Resident Evil Code: Veronica: Steve Burnside is an Emo Teen and has hormones that are playing havoc on his mind, his dad is an abusive git even when zombified, Nosferatu/Alexander Ashford is a very upper class, polite, monocle and top hat clad gentleman reminiscing about his ancestry, and the T 078 Tyrant is Mike Tyson.

Replica Designer Handbags While exploring she meets the young Baron, shackled in his room, who convince Marianne that the Baroness is mad and talks her into freeing him. However unknown to Marianne, the Baron is actually a vampire that was bitten by Dracula long ago and the Baroness had him shackled for safekeeping. Luckily though Van Helsing happens to arrive in the village at the call of a local priest and a showdown is imminent between the slayer and the vampire with Marianne’s humanity on the line.. Bloody Hilarious: The final segment is directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura, so this isn’t much of a surprise. Book Ends: See below Color Motif example. Bound and Gagged: The woman in “I”, who is in this position in a man’s bathtub before he injects her with something that causes her death. Replica Designer Handbags

Wholesale Replica Bags Donowitz snarks that his member is more creative than that. One Last Smoke: Although he quit smoking, Clifford indulges in one last smoke when he decides to commit suicide by gangster. Orchestra Hit Techno Battle: The fight scene between Clarence and Drexl has “I Want Your Body” by Nymphomania playing in the background. The Power of Friendship: What else but the Friendship skill. It allows the both of you to regenerate health when in each other’s vicinity. Leveled up fully, it makes surviving missions a lot easier. Haskins, and above him, “The Commander”. Disguised in Drag: In one episode a character played by Warren Mitchell (better known for Till Death Us Do Part) escapes from villains by dressing up in his girlfriend’s clothes and a wig. Regan and Carter turn up Wholesale Replica Bags.

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