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The collection is “crazy inspirational,” stylist Trish Townsend says from her cellphone while running errands for Underwood in Nashville. Townsend gathered more than 50 pairs from various designers for the country superstar to consider. The crystal embellished, ankle strap black and white heels Underwood selected for the CMAs drew more praise than any of the other 10 pairs she wore that night and they were the most comfortable, Townsend says..

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What catches their attention? Do they really have to show some skin? Should they really go for pricey outfits just to stand out? These are a few questions that are in the mind of the single girl who is standing in front of her closet. She is trying hard to pick out what to wear. Should they dress like a Malibu Barbie and show off their sexy form or like a librarian type, so they would avoid attracting those bad boys lurking around.

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The beautiful Grace Meigher of the Quest magazine Meighers was celebrating her February birthday all in white silk and many guests were in black tie as they were going on to the Red Cross Ball. Was shivering. Glimpsed Christopher Idone, one of the Glorious Food founders had arrived for a Palm Beach visit..

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