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I bullet journal and keep track of everything. Tremendously list oriented. It helps me through depressive episodes because my swings are usually short and frequent so if I drop into one, I make a to do list for when I come out of it. The only thing that has helped him in the past is to be in an assisted living facility that ensures he takes his medication, sees a psychiatrist regularly, and makes sure he doesn’t get taken advantage of by people who manipulate him. Unfortunately, those programs only last a year before they kick him out and house him with two other paranoid schizophrenics in an apartment by themselves and leave them to their own devices. The only way back into the program is for him to devolve to the point that he hurts a member of the public, is arrested, hurts himself in lockup, is brought to the hospital and is finally put into a program till they stabilize him (longest length has been a year).

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