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Rock Bands from A to Z

Rock Bands from A to CThe Allman Brothers Band Still rocking today (although they will be breaking up this year when two of the members leave the band to tour solo), The Allman Brothers Band started back in 1969 moncler outlet store and have been referred to as one of the first bands to introduce the whole country to true “southern rock”.

The Band A mixture of Canadian and American rockers, The Band began in 1964, but had been playing together for years prior as backup to a rockabilly group that never gained the fame that The Band gained. Although they stopped touring in 1974, they are still popular today. They are best known for their song “The Weight”, which ranked number 41 on Rolling moncler outlet woodbury Stone Magazine’s list of moncler sale top 500 songs of all time.

Creedance Clearwater Revival Also known as CCR, Creedance Clearwater Revival discount moncler jackets was an American rock band most famous during the late 1960s and throughout the 70s. Radio stations still play their music today, and as of 2013, the group has sold over 25 million albums in the US alone. They are a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Rock Bands from D to FThe Doors The band The Doors were poets and rock stars. Taking influence from a number of artists, ranging from blues musicians to romantic poets, The Doors had a sound of their own. In 1971, lead singer Jim Morrison passed away at the early age of 27, and although the group still toured, they were never the same.

The Eagles Formed in 1971, The Eagles have had five number one albums, a plethora of Grammy and Academy Awards, and have sold hundreds of millions of albums worldwide. Their first album, which was self titled, featured three best moncler jackets top 40 singles and their second album, Desperado was less popular, but still garnered huge support.

Foghat With 8 gold records, as well as 2 platinum and double platinums, Foghat were a classic rock band from the UK. Despite originating in London, the band had a much larger following in the United States. Most famous during the 1970s, the band remained popular through the 80s and 90s and then seemed to fade moncler outlet online away.

Rock Bands from G to IGrateful Dead One of San Francisco’s first “psychadelic rock” bands, the fan following for the Grateful Dead is nearly as strong today as it was when the group disbanded in 1995. The Grateful Dead has sold millions of albums, their most popular seller being Anthem of the Sun.

Hall Oates Composed of two musicians, Daryl Hall and John Oates started playing music in the late 60s in Philadelphia. In 1975 they gained huge fame for their self titled album released that same year.

Isley Brothers A doo wop group with a heavy rock and roll tone, The Isley Brothers began cheap moncler jackets mens in the late 50s, introducing the world to “classic rock”. Members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they have been referred to as one of the “longest, most influential, and most diverse groups in the pantheon of popular music”.

Rock Bands from M to OMarshall Tucker Band Originally formed in 1972, the Marshall Tucker Band was an American born rock band that blended southern rock with country in a way that attracted millions. Taking influence from jazz, moncler womens jackets blues, country and rock n’ roll, the Marshall Tucker Band was known for their beautiful instrumentals and unique sound.

Neil Young Member of the famous classic rock group, Crosby, Nash, Stills, and Young, Neil Young is a classic rock legend of his own. He may have gotten his foot into the music industry via Crosby, Still and Nash when he joined the group in 1969, Neil Young gained a ton of fame as a solo artist.

The Outlaws Together only for a short time, The Outlaws gained a large audience while they were together during the early 60s. moncler usa The moncler outlet sale band uk moncler outlet formed in England in moncler sale online 1960, they created three hit singles as a band, and after the band split up, the members all created hit singles on their own.

Rock Bands from J to LTIE Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix Although not bands perse, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix were amazing musicians who left a strong mark on the people of the 70s, as well as generations ahead of them.

Jimi Hendrix gained infamy for his mind blowing guitar skills, while Janis Joplin was known for her incredible vocals. Neither Joplin nor Hendrix were able to fully enjoy their musical talents via a long career, cheap moncler jackets but cheap moncler outlet they used the time they had and lived life to the fullest. Tragically, they both died at the age of 27, and are members of the 27 Club.

Kansas A progressive and classic rock fusion uk moncler sale group from Topeka, Kansas. The group gained fame in the 1970s and are best known for their chart topping hits “Carry on My Wayward Son” and “Dust in the Wind”.

Led Zepplin Led by members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Led Zepplin is a classic rock band that started cheap moncler jackets womens in 1968 and still remains popular today. Originally from the UK, Led Zepplin were known for their heavy metal sound and intricate instrumentals.

Rock Bands S to VSteve Miller Band Originally a blues group from California, The Steve Miller Band gained a huge following in the late 70s for their new classic rock sound that blended their blues roots with a number of rock styles.

Toto Famous for their hit track Africa, Toto is a Grammy award winning music group formed in 1977 in Los Angeles. Toto is still touring today, although the group has undergone many member changes over the years.

Uriah Heep Originally from London, Uriah Heep was a progressive rock and classic rock fusion band that had twelve albums hit the UK Top Charts list. They never gained the popularity in America that they gained in the United Kingdom, but during their prime years they managed to sell 300 million records in the UK and 4 million in the United States.

Van Halen An American rock band formed in California, Van Halen gained moncler outlet popularity in the late 1970s into the early 80s and today are appreciated mostly by fans of rock/metal groups moncler outlet prices from that time period, such as KISS.

Rock Bands from P to RPink Floyd Originally moncler sale outlet from the UK, Pink Floyd was one of the first bands to blend psychadelic rock, blues and progressive rock. While together they recorded moncler uk outlet a number of albums and several chart toppers. cheapmoncler They are best known for their albums The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.

Queen A rock band that formed in England during the early 1970s, Queen has had 18 number one albums, 18 number one singles, 10 number one DVDs just of moncler online store their live performances. Their distinct sound has garnered them fame throughout the decades bringing them in over 300 million record sales worldwide. In 2001, Queen was named as a new member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Rolling Stones Formed in the 1960s in England, the Rolling Stones are regarded as one of the best classic rock bands of all time. One of the first “British Invasion” bands, The Rolling Stones gained a heavier following in the United States than in the UK, although they have topped the charts in both countries.

Rock Bands W to ZThe Who Formed in the early 1960s in England, The Who is considered one of the best classic rock bands of all time. It was the fourth album released by the cheap moncler sale band that created such a buzz for The Who. Titled Tommy, this album was performed by the band at Woodstock in 1969.

Xtc A new wave classic rock band originally from the UK, XTC gained popularity for their unique spin on traditional classic rock music. Formed in the 1970s, they stayed together until 2005 and produced chart topping hits in both America and the United Kingdom.

Yardbirds Yet another band that originated in England, The Yardbirds changed members frequently, but featured famous musicians like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Although they broke up in 1968, they got back together in 1992 and still tour today cheap moncler coats mens.

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