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We were running the ball well early until he got hurt. I’m happy with the defense. The fire is burning about 2kms northwest of Norman Lake.Smoke from the fire may be visible from Highway16 and neighbouring communities.Talk about shoots in foot syndrome.The fire fighters apparently have a standard operating procedure of deactivating any and all roads deem are not needed. As evidenced by this incident where Norman Lake now only has one access route, because of some short sighted excavator operator or fire supervisor with a superiority complex the road is not needed.Based on the reported location of the fire,If an escape is needed to the west, the route is no longer available.Not only did the fire fighters or forest service not create that road access, that road is estimated to be over 60 years old, and could be much older due to the homesteads that used to be there.This current practice of deactivating roads as a matter of course is causing a safety concern, and a safety issue. They do not necessarily know where the roads go, or how much traffic uses them and often these are well known and used wilderness routes all over the bush.

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