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The European Union ruling class wants them, otherwise they would do something about this problem that persisted for years now. When you canada goose coats on sale got a globalist like Peter Sutherland (Goldman Sach Intl chair for 20 years, founding director of WTO, Bilderberg steering committee, BP chair, etc.) acting as the UN top salesman (persuading the Pope and world leaders) for mass migration you can be canada goose store sure it part of a greater vision.

Given the migrants seem to be predominantly Sunnis, the Eurabia theory might offer a clue. Also interesting and buy canada goose jacket possibly relevant is the eugenics dream of the president of the Paneuropean Union (a sort of ideological predecessor to the EU), Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi, who wished to see Canada Goose Jackets European ethnicities dilluted by interbreeding so there would eventually only be two major ethnicities: a race of nobles (to replace democratic rule) and a race of darker skinned workers. His 1925 book Praktischer Idealismus talks canada goose uk shop about these ideas and is short and worth a read. Kalergi received the Charlemagne Prize (promoting European unity) buy canada goose jacket cheap in 1950. Angela Merkel received it in 2008. Angela Merkel, in 2010, was given canada goose uk outlet a prize by the Kalergi Society, an organization dedicated to his ideas.

If workers never had control Canada Goose sale of production, then what is the point of the example? Socialism didn lead to problems, the problems already existed, and socialism was promised and not delivered.

Socialism led to the problems because it was used to sell the idea that replacing a canada goose clearance sale relatively open market with a more state controlled market would get rid of oligarchal domination without large negative repercussions. canadagooseoutleta If an ideology can never seem to be properly implemented canadian goose jacket then perhaps the canada goose online ideology underlying ideas aren realistic or the ideology needs to incorporate and emphasize ideas that can used to prevent its uk canada goose outlet failure.

It is not argued canada goose clearance that socialism is easy or doesn require violence

If it so hard to canada goose implement that it fails consistently then it may need to be reworked. And, yes, socialism definitely doesn shy away Canada Goose Outlet from violence. in the words Canada Goose Online of Nikolai Krylenko, head of canada goose black friday sale the Red Army after the Bolsheviks Canada Goose Coats On Sale took power, “We must execute canada goose uk black friday not only the guilty. Execution of the innocent will impress the masses even more”.

If capitalism needs some structures to function properly, why can the same not be said for socialism?

Given capitalism, embedded in welfare states, has a better track record at functioning adequately cheap canada goose uk it seems that the structures required are likely considerably less.

Capitalism, in the mid to long term, Canada Goose Parka will likely Canada Goose online lead to totalitarianism because technology makes totalitarianism easier than it was in the past. Determining how and why capitalism is wrong is something Marxists seem good at (the idea of economic class alone is a huge contribution), but socialism attempts at “final solutions” seem less impressive. This isn surprising, given creating humane systems compatible with lifeforms created from a ruthless process uk canada goose of evolution is a canada goose coats hard problem.

Socialism is as socialism does and socialism tends to, more than anything, make party insiders rich and justify the creation of totalitarian states. The problem with taking oligarch property is you need force and politics to do it and workers don tend to have expertise at force and politics. cheap Canada Goose Those good at force and politics tend to act in their own self interest and you end up with the power dynamics of oligarchy without the experience of oligarchy or the remote threat of competition. “True socialism has never been tried” for a reason: it can ward off predators. canada goose factory sale Venezuela got tons of praise from the left during the Chavez honeymoon (I bought into it too), yet now people are starving and high level Chavistas are rich.

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