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The SEC further alleges that Ribotsky used money from one group of investors to pay another group of investors in 2007 without adequately disclosing this to any of the investors. Ribotsky’s misconduct also included his failure to conduct any meaningful due diligence before selling a third party $43.2 million of AJW Funds assets in November and December 2008 a transaction that allowed Ribotsky to book a purported “realized” gain, at a critical time cheap jerseys, without his funds actually receiving any money. NIR’s offering materials and investor communications touted that NIR engages in extensive due diligence reviews before making investment decisions on behalf of the AJW Funds.

When you own a business, it is advisable to separate your personal accounts and business accounts. You have to open a business account at the start up of your business to efficiently manage your venture. An online checking account for business purposes gives you facilities to park your money temporarily in order to use it for operating costs.

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