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“We wanted to make something that felt very classic and something that puts you in a different world, visually kind of like what the song does, sonically,” he explained. “We knew being in New Orleans, it’d really capture that elegant beauty that the song holds. It just felt perfect.”Originally the 13th track on Bazzi’s Cosmic album, “Beautiful” got revamped back in early August, when Cabello contributed a new verse to her former tourmate’s track.

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No religious person can admit alot of what they believe has the potential to be wrong and continue to believe the same way.I said it in another comment but we are all just trying to make sense of this and that death is terrifying and religion helps some deal with that anxiety but religious cant admit thats why they follow. But sure ill follow, jesus isnt a normal human and can do this. Now how about the people that Elijah brought back to life? He is said to have done it 3 times to normal humans.

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